ProLaser 3 - ProLaser 4

High Performances Speed Lasers.

ProLaser 3 and ProLaser 4 are the only Speed Lasers approved by the French Minister of Interior for an official use by the National Police and Gendarmerie.
They are certified and approved for France but can be used everywhere. 2 years warranty.

Easy to use, light, robust, handy and very efficient.

The ProLaser 3 and ProLaser 4 can work:
- in all-weather conditions, even rain, fog, drizzle, snow, night...
- on all vehicle parts / surfaces: car body, glasses, hood, winshield, wheels...
- at long distance without obligation to have a tripod (unlike other speed lasers in the market)
- even through glass

It can establish accurate speed and distance records in 0.3 second of any moving vehicle up to 300 km/h and 1000 meters of distance.

ProLaser3 and  ProLaser4 are robust and have a considerable autonomy. ProLaser 4 can also be plugged on a car charger / PC via USC cables.

Prolaser III and Prolaser 4 are delivered ready to use, tested before shipment, calibrated, certificated and approved in their shockproof reinforced briefcase with all accessories.